Zero Waste (ish): One month without plastic packages – Part 2 – Grilling?

Did it get any easier with time?

A bit.

After the research, I felt much better equipped to face life without plastic packages. I was still using the things I bought before, but I started to get some idea of what to do afterward.

I found out that finding yogurt or milk in the glass was pretty easy and the rest I planned to get in from the no-package shop. I was definitely not sure how it’s possible, but they should have food without plastic. I mean, it seems like the whole point of this shop.

Except that I felt like grilling pretty badly. I was crazily busy with projects shortly before, so I had not much time for nice food or social life and was generally pretty fun-deprived. Organising some nice bbq seemed like a perfect idea to take advantage of my newly gained freedom. I called a couple of friends and we scheduled the grilling for Saturday evening.

But how to get all the food without plastics? Some people already can’t imagine what to grill when the meat is not involved. And not buying anything with a plastic package? to it sounded I will be grilling bread only. Or grass.

Well, I knew I can count on veggies, but I love grilled cheese too much, not to try to get it. I hoped I would find it in the no-package shop.

Unfortunately, not this time.

But the experience of shopping without packages was one of a kind! It felt a bit like an adventure. I will describe it later with some proper photos and information on how does it work because from some perspectives it’s much more practical than shopping in markets.

In the shop, I was told that they plan to add cheeses to their offer, but it’s not available yet. But! It’s possible to find it in a couple of places! One of them was the farmers’ market.

So I went there feeling like a weirdo. I had my container with me and was thinking about how to convince the salesperson, that this is where they should pack the cheese. I have never seen it happening, but I heard some people did it. I expected weird looks and long minutes of explanations.

I found a stand with very good looking feta cheese and asked if I can get it packed in my container.


Surprisingly the lady was not surprised. She reacted like she was doing it at least a couple of times per day. I need to admit, it was a relief.

Especially that other sellers were pretty ok with it as well. I quickly got a lot of vegetables and satisfied came back home. I felt especially happy because I managed to get a pretty nice watermelon.

For a long time, I had this perverted fantasy of grilling watermelon. I love grilled strawberries and bananas and if you haven’t tried it yet, you absolutely need to do it! It’s crazy tasty! I still have pineapple on my „to grill list”, but not this time…

At the end I decided to prepare guacamole, vegetable skewers with mustard-honey marinate and feta with rosemary, dried tomatoes, and olives. And watermelon of course! Everything was using exclusively newly bought products, with the exceptions of wooden skewer-sticks, that I had already.

I need to admit the biggest problem with this situation was that I couldn’t buy anything „ready” and just throw it on the grill.

Normally there are pretty many options for vegetarians, but they are always packed with a lot of plastics. I suspect the meat eaters would have it similarly difficult.

In other words, it was pretty time-consuming – it’s definitely not a last minute option.

But it was also pretty motivating. When you decide to ignore easier options creativity wakes up and the results are more interesting. It definitely worked out this time – I was looking forward trying something new than my usual preprepared cheese, veggies with cheese and rosemary and salmon.

The grilled watermelon tasted pretty good, but not spectacularly. But surprisingly it tastes pretty awesome when it’s burned. Yes, we burned the water(melon) and it was great.



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