The places that never change

Time is flying by and things are changing. Even if we are aware of it, it seems that it’s enough to leave a familiar place for couple of weeks or months, to be surprised with something new.

The change can be pretty irrelevant  like new drapes at your parents’ place or more significant like a ready facade of a building that was under construction since you remember.

Suddenly we see that time has in fact passed. It was not waiting for us to come back.

It’s easy to ignore time and how it changes us and the world, when we just see a small difference. Especially when we see the process or when we expect what is going to happen.

In that case we simply get used to the new situation before it fully emerges.  It’s only natural. I believe we should remember that time passes and nothing is forever…

But there are some places that seem to never change.

They are quite rare.

And whatever you feel now, they are not forever.

They feel like a time machine that sends us to our past and our memories. But it’s not the same feeling that we have when grabbing an old photo. It’s almost the opposite. Because the surrounding has never changed, we feel like we ARE in that very moment. We feel we can experience the same joys and the same adventures.

Of course, you know that the place changed. But it’s just a bit. Tiny little bit. Tiny enough not to notice and feel like the time around has frozen.

When you are there two things can happen.

First, you can realize how much you have changed. Do you remember what you liked doing there the most? It’s not that fun anymore. It seems too childish, too boring. You can try to recreate memories, but it might be so much different now. At first  you don’t know why, because everything stayed the same. The only difference is you.

Second is realization how much you actually haven’t changed. After all those years, events, successes and fails, some things still feel the same. You admire the same views or enjoy the same tastes. On many levels, you are still the same person. It can be pretty comforting.

We are with ourselves the whole time and because of it, we usually don’t have a luxury of seeing ourselves changing. But most of us do change significantly, but gradually enough for it to go unnoticed.

But deep down we are still the same people.

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